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This blog is about beauty, healthy life and lifestyles. I have a special interest in Green Beauty.

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

Um penteado fantástico

Hi beautiful! I am back home in New York City! We got the news that power was back on, and to say I was excited would be an understatement. Feels amazing to know that everything is in tact here, no broken windows or icy floors. It was strange driving back in knowing the road we were on was flooded with several feet of water just a few days ago. Everything around my neighborhood looks pretty normal though, but I know further out towards the water is a completely different situation. Hoping everyone stays strong and warm! 

Today I tried out this large top knot, bejeweled, bun using one of my old necklaces I got a few years ago at an art/fabric supply store here in the city. The donut bun is about 5"(13cm) in diameter - although they normally just go by "small" or "large". I love this bun! Literally takes under 5 minutes to put this together, and glams up your look instantly.

If you want to learn how to do a similar top bun, watch this video HERE that I posted a few weeks ago. I did the exact same steps, except today I just used a bigger donut (shown below), and tied this gem necklace around the base. You will also need two hair ties and a few bobby pins to secure the leftover hair into place. You can also try this look using a smaller donut (or even a sock donut) if you prefer. 

What do you guys think of this hair bun? Have you tried something similar? I think adding a big bow to the back would also look cute! 

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