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terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

Ingredients to Avoid

The skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs what you put onto it. Always read the ingredient labels and know what’s in your products.


The “Terrible Touch-Me-Nots” (as they were presented to me back in 2001) are ingredients to AVOID in personal care, beauty and skin care products. What you put on your skin can go into your body to affect your health and sense of well-being – either negatively or positively. You can choose which … if you know the facts. As our body’s biggest organ, your skin is your most important immune defense barrier as well as your largest organ for eliminating waste. Commercial products with harmful petroleum ingredients can plasticize and “constipate” your skin, making germs more likely to get in and toxins less likely to get out of your body. The result: Neither you nor your skin are as radiant or as healthy as you could be.
Every day we use products that we think are safe; but the truth is that most of these products are NOT safe – and manufacturers don’t have to tell us so. Ever since 1938 – when the FDA granted self-regulation to the cosmetics industry –  products can be marketed without government approval of ingredients, regardless of what tests show. Most of the 25,000 chemicals used have not been tested for long-term toxic effects. In a typical day, you might be exposed to over 200 different chemicals, many of which are suspected of causing cancer or juggling hormones. EPA tests conclude that ingredients in shampoos, dyes, and other personal care products “may be playing havoc with hormones that control reproduction and development.”
Who knew?!! I know I didn’t until someone shared this information with me many years ago. Bottom line—always read the ingredient labels and know what’s in your products.  Don’t be scared….just get educated and avoid these harmful, hazardous and toxic “Terrible Touch-Me-Not” ingredients!
Alcohol, Isopropyl (SD-40): a very drying and irritating solvent and dehydrator that strips your skin’s moisture and natural immune barrier, making you more venerable to bacteria, molds and viruses. It is made from propylene, a petroleum derivative and is found in many skin and hair products, fragrance, antibacterial hand washes as well as shellac and antifreeze. It can act as a “carrier” accelerating the penetration of other harmful chemicals into your skin. It may promote brown spots and premature aging of skin. A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients says it may cause headaches, flushing, dizziness, mental depression, nausea, vomiting, narcosis, anesthesia, and coma. Fatal ingested dose is one ounce or less.
DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine) & TEA  (triethanolamine): hormone-disrupting chemicals that can form cancer-causing nitrates and nitrosamines. These chemicals are already restricted in Europe due to known carcinogenic effects. In the United States however, they are still used despite the fact that Americans may be exposed to them 10-20 times per day with products such as shampoos, shaving creams and bubble baths. Dr. Samuel Epstein (Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Illinois) says that repeated skin applications…. of DEA-based detergents resulted in major increase in incidence of liver and kidney cancer. The FDA’s John Bailey says this is especially important since “the risk equation changes significantly for children”.
DMDM Hydantion & Urea (Imidazolidinyl): just two of many preservatives that often release formaldehyde which may cause joint pain, skin reactions, allergies, depression, headaches, chest pains, ear infections, chronic fatigue, dizziness, and loss of sleep. Exposure may also irritate the respiratory system, trigger heart palpitations or asthma, and aggravate coughs and colds. Other possible side effects include weakening  the immune system and cancer.
FD&C Color Pigments: synthetic colors made from coal tar, containing heavy metal salts that deposit toxins into the skin, causing skin sensitivity and irritation. Absorption of certain colors can cause depletion of oxygen in the body and death. Animal studies have shown almost all of them to be carcinogenic.
Synthetic Fragrances: mostly synthetic ingredients can indicate the presence of up to four thousand separate ingredients, many toxic or carcinogenic. Symptoms reported to the FDA include headaches, dizziness, allergic rashes, skin discoloration, violent coughing and vomiting, and skin irritation. Clinical observation proves fragrances can affect the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, irritability, inability to cope, and other behavioral changes.
Alternative – Organic Essential Oils.
Mineral Oil: petroleum by-product that coats the skin like plastic, clogging the pores. Interferes with skin’s ability to eliminate toxins, promoting acne and other disorders. Slows down skin function and cell development, resulting in premature aging. Used in many products such as baby oil which is 100% mineral oil!
Alternatives  – Moisture Magnets (Saccharide Isomerate) from beets; Ceramides, Jojoba and other vegetable oils, etc.
Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): potentially carcinogenic petroleum ingredient that can alter and reduce the skin’s natural moisture factor. This could increase the appearance of aging and leave you more vulnerable to bacteria. Used in cleansers to dissolve oil and grease. It adjusts the melting point and thickens products. Also used in caustic spray-on oven cleaners.
Propylene Glycol (PG) and Butylene Glycol: gaseous hydrocarbons which in a liquid state act as “surfactant” (wetting olagents and solvents). They easily penetrate the skin and can weaken protein and cellular structure. Commonly used to make extracts from herbs. PG is strong enough to remove barnacles from boats! The EPA considers PG so toxic that it requires workers to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles and to dispose of any PG solutions by burying them in the ground. Because PG penetrates the skin so quickly, the EPA warns against skin contact to prevent consequences such as brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities. But there isn’t even a warning label on products such as stick deodorants, where the concentration is greater than in most industrial applications.
Alternatives – water extracted herbs, Therapeutic Essential Oils, etc.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES): detergents and surfactants that pose serious health threats. Used in car washes, garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers – and in 90% of personal-care products that foam. Animals exposed to SLS experience eye damage, depression, labored breathing, diarrhea, severe skin irritation, and even death. Young eyes may not develop properly if exposed to SLS because proteins are dissolved. SLS may also damage the skins immune system by causing layers to separate and inflame. When combined with other chemicals, SLS can be transformed into nitrosamines, a potent class of carcinogens. Your body may retain the SLS for up to five days, during which tie it may enter and maintain residual levels in the heart, liver, the lungs, and the brain.
Alternative – Ammonium Cocoyl Isethionate.
Triclosan: a synthetic “antibacterial” ingredient – with a chemical structure similar to Agent Orange! The EPA registers it as a pesticide, giving it high scores as a risk to both human health and the environment. It is classified as a chlorophenol, a class of chemicals suspected of causing cancer in humans. Its manufacturing process may produce dioxin, a powerful hormone-disrupting chemical with toxic effects measured in the parts per trillion; that is only one drop in 300 Olympic-size swimming pools! Hormone disruptors pose enormous long-term chronic health risks by interfering with the way hormones perform, such as changing genetic material, decreasing fertility and sexual function, and fostering birth defects. It can temporarily deactivate sensory nerve endings, so contact with it often causes little or no pain. Internally, it can lead to cold sweats, circulatory collapse, and convulsions. Stored in body fat, it can accumulate to toxic levels, damaging the liver, kidneys and lungs and can cause paralysis, suppression of immune function,brain hemorrhages, and heart problems. Tufts University School of Medicine says that triclosan is capable of forcing the emergence of “super bugs” that it cannot kill. Its widespread use in popular antibacterial cleaners, tooth pasts and household products may have nightmare implications for our future.
Alternative – Therapeutic Essential Oils.
Other Common Toxic Ingredients To Avoid:
  • Aluminum
  • Pthalates
  • DEET
  • Dioxins
  • Formaldehyde
  • PABA
  • Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA)
  • Parabens
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Toluene
  • Camphor
Helpful Resources:

Because the source link above is broken, I found this one a bit diferent but helpful too:

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5 Green Beauty Boxes Worth The Subscription - by Organic Beauty Talk

 Somente duas são enviadas para o mundo interior contudo quis vos mostrar a grande variedade de green box nos USA. Pena aqui ainda não encontrar isto.

The subscription box trend has taken off in recent years and it’s only natural that green beauty would follow suit. A good subscription box can save you a lot of time, money and hassle in finding new products that work for you. Generally, signing up is as simple as setting up a quick profile with your credit card information and then waiting for your box of beauty goodies to arrive at your door. It’s like Christmas every month! You get to try a variety of new products and if you love a particular item, many times, the same subscription box sites will make reordering full-size products quite easy through them. We’ve rounded up five of the best non-toxic beauty boxes right now that have us talking and wanting more every month. Here’s a little about what you get with each green beauty box as well as some of their pros/cons:

Birch Box
Cost: $10 per month or $110 per year plus shipping
What You Get: 4-5 sample size products specific to you, based on your profile
Ships To: U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
Pros: You can order products you love from the Birch Box website. There are a wide range of products such as make-up, body care products, fragrance, and accessories. Birch Box also offers a beauty box specifically for men.
Cons: While they do carry some organic brands, they also carry conventional brands as well full of harmful chemicals. Free shipping is only on orders of $50 or more.
Petit Vour
Cost: $15 per month (U.S.), $23 per month (Canada), $30 per month (international)
What You Get: 4-5 personalized beauty products for you to apply, blend, buff, lather, soak and spray. The samples are generously sized (and sometimes full-sized) with enough product for you to figure out if it’s right for you. You’ll also be able to earn points in their shop with every purchase, review, and friend recommendation.
Ships To: Worldwide
Pros: All products are vegan and cruelty-free, 35+ different brands, FREE shipping on all U.S. orders, and the boxes are gorgeous!
Cons: In the U.S. you can opt for a 3 or 6 month plan but there’s no incentive besides a one-time payment to buy in bulk.
Cost: $18 per month (also an option to receive box every other month)
What You Get: 5-6 deluxe sample size products in healthy and beauty that are customized for members based on skin type, hair type and other profile preferences. Each product is carefully screened for harmful ingredients and performance prior to inclusion. There are also Limited Edition Deluxe Boxes like 
this oneavailable.
Ships To: U.S. only
Pros: Natural and organic brands as well as cruelty-free, FREE shipping in the U.S., 100+ brands from affordable to luxury, cancel at any time
Cons: No international shipping (although international shipping and 3 and 6 month membership options coming soon along with a Member Rewards program)
Vegan Cuts Beauty Box
Cost: $19.95 per month (U.S.), $27.95 per month (Canada), $34.95 (international)
What You Get: 4-7 products (mix of full and sample size products)
Ships To: Worldwide
Pros: All products are 100% cruelty-free, FREE shipping on all U.S. orders, can cancel anytime
Cons: Most products are organic and natural but not 100%
Spa Heroes
Cost: $39 per month
What You Get: A full-sized hero product (+ surprises), 15% standing discount at the Spa Heroes Store, and subscriber-only discounts on limited small batch releases + at spectacular spas.
Ships To: U.S. only
Pros: All products are cruelty free and they are committed to selling only non-toxic brands.
Cons: No international shipping and the price is steeper than the others although you are getting a full-sized product each month

written by Brandie Gilliam & Katye Freelon

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Naturisimo Wellness 'Inside Out' Discovery Box

O site Naturisimo tem uma Box Edição limitada Wellness 'Inside Out' Discovery Box ainda disponível no momento (enquanto houver estoque) que custa £ 9,95, com custos de envio gratuitos ( incluindo Portugal). A caixa contém 6  produtos de beleza e bem-estar - produtos em tamanho normal, tamanho reduzido e amostras que são Bio.

Composição da Box ( deixei a descrição em Inglês pois achei que ficaria melhor assim ):


ila Bath Soak Pure Relaxation 50ml which contains calming and de-stressing Vetivert and Petigrain essential oils.  Apricot oil nourishes and softens the skin.  
Tamanho normal 150ml custa £9.60 e esta versão pequena custa £2.95 .

Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask 12.5ml this mask is helps to remove dead skin cells, rid the skin of impurities and gently exfoliate. The skin is left skin looking radiant with diminished age spots and fine lines.   
 Tamanho normal 40ml custa £20.00 e esta versão pequena custa £5.50

Fushi Organic Hydrating Lip Balm A super moisturising balm which has a zingy minty taste.  Em tamanho normal e tem o preço £5

Living Nature Skin Revive Exfoliant 2ml amostra. This cleanser and exfoliant in one helps to exfoliate and clean the skin. Perfect to use in the shower. Remove make up before use.
Tamanho normal 75ml custa £27.50

E os suplementos:

Aduna Baobab Superfruits Powder saqueta 4.5g this is fibre filled raw wholefood which is a rich source of Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, thiamin. Blend it into smoothies, sprinkle on porridge or mix into natural yoghurt. 
 Tamanho normal 15 saquetas custa £14.99

AdunaMoringa Superleaf Powder saqueta 4.5g an organic green superfood which is a rich source of plant protein with high vitamin and mineral content. Blend into smoothies.
 Tamanho normal 15 saquetas custa £14.99

Aqui segue o link da box

Aproveitei e pedi amostras de outros produtos, que são pagas, mas que são boa oportunidade de experimentar novos produtos, sem nos comprometer em comprar uma embalagem inteira.
Por cada compra podemos adquirir 5 amostras.

Já conheciam a Naturissimo?


Peach Shimmer Makeup Tutorial

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Learn about a few of the top ingredients and contaminants to avoid, based on the science linking each to adverse health impacts, and the types of products they’re found in. To learn more about how chemicals impact your health and where they come from, check out the Health & Science section.
For each of the chemicals included in this section, a growing body of hazard-based evidence suggests connections to long-term health concerns like cancer and reproductive problems.
- See more at: