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terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

Vegan Mascara Guide

by Tashina Combs 

There are so many brands out there that are cruelty free with vegan options but do not offer a vegan
There are lots of amazing vegan mascaras available. It just takes a little digging to find out what options
are available and then you can find the best vegan mascara for you!
That’s why I decided to create the Vegan Mascara Guide. This guide includes brands that offer cruelty
 free and vegan mascaras of all kinds. Some brands may have waterproof options, different colors, etc. 
All of the brands listed offer mascara that is completely free of animal ingredients.
Continue reading to see the options available in the Vegan Mascara Guide!
The following brands are all cruelty free and have vegan mascara options. Some of these brands also
offer mascaras that are not vegan, so be sure to read ingredients before purchasing. Brands that are
100% vegan are noted. 
The links included are to their vegan options. Please keep in mind that while Logical Harmony will do
our best to  keep the list up to date, from time to time brands do change formulas or add new products.
This means that there is no animal testing anywhere in their supply chain, during production, or on the
finished products. It also means that they make foundations that are free of animal ingredients.
The brands included on this list do not have a parent company who tests on animals. None of the money
used to purchase mascaras from these brands will go to fund any animal testing in any way.
  • Beauty Without Cruelty (100% vegan) – All mascaras!
  • E.L.F. – All mascaras!
  • Emani (100% vegan) – Organic Soy Mascara
  • Gabriel Cosmetics – Gabriel Mascara
  • Glam Natural (100% vegan) – GlamNatural Mascara
  • Gourmet Body Treats (100% vegan) – GBT Luxe Mascara
  • Honeybee Gardens – Truly Natural Mascara
  • Jane Iredale – PureLash Mascara in Black Onyx, PureLash Mascara in Agate Brown
  • Lily Lolo – Lily Lolo Mascara
  • Milani – Grandissimo Lashes
  • Pacifica (100% Vegan) – Aquarian Gaze Mascara, Stellar Gaze Mascara
  • Red Apple Lipstick – The Last Project Mascara
  • Silk Naturals – 100% Natural Mascara
  • The All Natural Face (100% vegan) – All mascaras!
  • Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Wet’n’Wild – MaxVolume Plus Mascara, MegaVolume Mascara
  • ZuZu Luxe – ZuZu Luxe Mascara
Curious what my favorite mascaras are? Watch The Best Cruelty Free & Vegan Mascara video!
If you have a favorite vegan mascara that is missing from this list, please leave a comment and let me
Curious about the cruelty free status of a brand? Check out the Cruelty Free & Vegan Brand list!

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