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domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Available in several shapes and sizes and emitting beautiful, rich colors, a Himalayan Salt Lamp not only looks warm and welcoming, but it has beneficial health properties.
Did you know that a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home or office naturally improves your indoor air quality by creating healthy negative ions?

How do Salt Crystal Lamps Work?

Salt lamps emit negative ions.
The bulb inside of the lamp heats the crystal and supports the ionizing effect. Salt itself is hygroscopic and attracts the water from the surroundings. You can often see that the lamp is damp or even wet, especially in more humid environments. Due to the gentle heat of the lamp, the water quickly evaporates and during the evaporation process the beneficial negative ions get created. They go on to bind with excessive positive ions (bacteria, molds and allergens all carry a positive charge) and neutralize the electronic smog in your home.
Moreover, the lamp is a very pure source of light and its multi-colored glow has a soothing effect and relaxes you.
Scientifically speaking, the Himalayan salt lamp achieves the following things:
1.       It ionizes the room.
2.       It balances artificial frequencies and unnatural electromagnetic wavelengths that originate from electronic appliances.
3.       It produces the light waves of the rainbow spectrum which protect your body.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

People using salt lamps report improvement in their physical and mental well-being soon after starting to light them. They are said to help with:
§ respiratory problems (including colds)
§ allergies
§ skin conditions
§ mental and stress-related disorders (including insomnia)
§ headaches and migraines.
§ rheumatism
§ blood system disorders.
Due to their calming colors (different shades of orange and pink), they have also been used in color therapy to help treat neurotic disorders and sleeplessness.

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